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  • Worker FAQ

    Service related questions

    It’s my first shift, what do I need to know


    Most of what you need to know is in the induction videos which you watched when you signed up on the app. If you need a refresher, you can watch them anytime on Suitsme’s website.

    There are a couple of things you need to remember.

    1. The client is the boss. Most of the shift means doing what they ask you to do.
    2. Read Suitsme's safety information in the app to refresh your memory
    3. Ensure you have read the client's profile.
    4. Message the client to touch base before you attend.
    5. When you finish a shift, you need to mark the shift complete in the app. If you don’t mark the shift complete then we don’t know that it happened, so you won’t get paid for it. 
    Finding work
    Clients browse your profiles when looking for a Mental Health support worker. Your availability and being able to reliably provide support without cancelling are important to clients. Access to transport is often a key criteria that clients have, so having a suitable vehicle helps. They will often choose you based on these types of criteria. Other profile tips can be found below to increase your chances of finding work.

    The other other way of picking up sessions is to keep an eye on emails from Suitsme management. We regularly send out requests on behalf of clients for Mental Health support workers that can meet their needs.
  • Profile questions

    Who can see my profile?

    Any client using the app could be able to view your profile.

    When you signed up, you indicated whether or not you were happy for your profile to be visible to clients before they are vetted by Suitsme management. It can be helpful for you to allow unvetted clients to see your profile as clients will browse the app while they are waiting to be verified and may well choose a worker at that stage.


    Where does my profile information come from?

    You give it to us.

    Your profile is built for you using the information you provide during sign up. The information we will be visible on your profile is:

    • First Name 
    • Surname 
    • Approximate age 
    • Gender (unless you told us not to) 
    • Photo 
    • What you are into
    • Languages 
    • About you
    • Availability 

    Can I update the information on my profile?

    Once you have been verified you will be able to update all of this information yourself if anything changes.


    What should I put in my profile?

    The purpose of the profile is to help clients decide who to book with. Clients have told us about a range of factors that influence their decisions:

    Practical factors:

    • A worker who is available at the times I need support
    • A worker who I can speak to in my preferred language


    • Similar age

    • Same gender

    • Similar interests


    • Qualification in a specific area

    • Experience working with clients in a similar circumstance

    • Lived experience

    Different people are going to base that decision on different things but a good place to start is by asking yourself these questions:

    • “What would I look for if I was choosing a worker?”
    • “What am I really good at?”
    • “What will clients get out of choosing me, rather than another worker?”

    Where do I list my experience and qualifications?

    In the "About you" section.

    We think you will do a better job of explaining your experience and qualifications than Suitsme would. This also means you can easily add any new experience or qualifications. For example, a client may ask you to complete a development module on LGBTI inclusion, you can then add this to "About you".

    Suitsme conducts random audits in which we compare experience and qualifications listed in ”About you”, to that listed in resumes. Misrepresenting your experience is a breach of Suitsme’s code of conduct.


    What else should I put in "About you"?

    That’s really up to you. You can put as much or as little information in your bio as you like.

    You may want to put details like, where you grew up, how long you have been in the industry, what other jobs you have done in your life, places you have travelled, your own story of recovery or almost anything you think is relevant.

    We suggest that you experiment with it. If you have limited information in your bio and you don’t get any booking requests, then try adding some more information and see what happens.

    You can also ask for feedback from clients who book with you. Just remember to be courteous, and not push clients if they don’t want to give you feedback.

    Asking one of the following questions is usually fine:

    • What made you choose me?
    • Am I what you expected from my profile?
    • Is there more/different information that you’d have liked to know before you booked me?

    Is there anything I should not put in my bio?

    if you’re unsure about putting something in your profile, read the code of conduct and professional boundaries documents. Anything that would put you in breach of these shouldn’t be on your profile.


    Definitely don’t put any contact information on your profile as clients should only be contacting you via the app.

  • Questions about pay and money

    How much do I get paid?
    Your hourly rate is indicated in your contract. You are paid in accordance with the Social, Community, Home care and Disability Services Industry Award 2010.


    When do I get paid?
    We use a fortnightly pay period which goes from Monday - Sunday. We process the pays by the Tuesday after the pay period ends, so depending on who you bank with you will receive your pay on either Thursday or Friday after each pay period.
    You can check which fortnight is a pay run here for 2020 and here for 2021.

    Do I need to do a time sheet?
    No, all the information we need in order to pay you is in the app. When you finish with a client you need to mark the session complete; this auto generates your time sheet. If you are not sure how to do this we have a quick video here.

    I worked a shift but didn't get paid. What's up with that?
    Make sure you marked the session complete. If you didn't mark the session complete then it won't have made it to your time sheet. It's your responsibility to mark the sessions complete so if you missed one then it will be paid in the next pay run.

    If you marked all your sessions complete but did not get paid then please call us and will will sort it out asap.

    Where is my pay slip?
    Your pay slip is emailed to you. You can check it against your completed shifts in the app

    Do I get reimbursed km costs?
    It depends. Have a look at the Travel and transport document in workers, operational documents for the details.

    Do I get reimbursed for meals, entry fees and other costs I incur with a client?
    If a client has allocated transport funding to Suitsme, then Suitsme can reimburse you for parking fees and public transport fees that you incur while transporting a client. When you mark the shift complete you will see a field for parking costs (you can put public transport costs in here too). You will be reimbursed in the next pay run.


    Suitsme doesn't reimburse you for any other costs; we tell clients that we expect them to pay for you if they want to do something that will cost you money.

    Clients may be eligible for a companion card which will usually cover your entry fees. You can find out more about the companion card here. You may want to suggest that clients add this as a goal and you can help them with an application for a companion card.

    The other expense that comes up a lot is food and drinks. There’re no hard and fast rules around this, it’s something you and the client can negotiate. Let’s look at a few scenarios:

    • Getting a coffee at the coffee shop; you buy your own coffee to enjoy with the client.
    • Getting lunch at a food court; you sit with the client and eat a sandwich you brought from home.
    • Getting a coffee at the coffee shop; the client buys you a coffee so you can enjoy a coffee together.

    Any of these scenarios are fine, as long as the client is comfortable with what’s happening. You must never pressure a client to buy you food or drinks, you can always bring your own food or just have water if you want a no cost option.

    If you need help negotiating this with clients, contact us so we can assist.

    How do I change where my pay goes?
    If you change bank or anything like that, then you need to complete this form and email it to us.

  • App trouble shooting

    What happens if I can't access the internet?

    You will still be able to access information that is already in the app, for instance you will be able to see your upcoming sessions, the profiles of clients you have sessions booked with and Suitsme management's number in the help section.


    Without the internet, you can't send or receive information so, for instance, you won't be able to mark sessions complete, receive/accept session requests, send/recieve messages or submit incident reports. Hence it is important that you try to get access to the internet as soon as you can. You can access free WiFi at most libraries, McDonalds and many cafes.


    The most important thing is that you continue with your day as planned so clients get the support they are expecting; keep attending all confirmed sessions. If you have client's phone numbers you should call them prior to attending to confirm the session and to let them know you are not receiving their messages.


    If an incident occurs or you need additional client information, call Suitsme management.


    What do I do if something in the app isn't working?

    Here are a few things to try that will fix most issues:

    1. Refresh the app by putting your finger in the middle of the screen and dragging down
    2. Force close and then reopen the app. Here's a guide of how to do this on iOS and Android. You can also achieve this by turning your phone off and on again.
    3. Delete the Suitsme app form your phone, then reinstall it

    If these steps don't work, contact Suitsme management and we'll help you. When you do, it's helpful if you:

    1. Record your screen to show us what is happening when your app stops working
    2. Can tell us exactly what you were doing in the app prior to the issue


    I'm getting emails letting me know about bookings, but I'm not getting notifications...

    There's two reasons this may happen.

    1. You will not receive notifications while you have the app open. To see changes to your sessions while you have the app open, you need to refresh the app. To refresh the app: go to the sessions tab, hold your finger on the screen and drag down towards the bottom of the screen. You will see a loading icon and once that disappears, you know you are looking at the most up to date information.
    2. You have notifications turned off. Follow these instructions to turn notifications on.
    I made a mistake when finalising/completing a shift. How can I fix it?
    You can't edit a shift once it has been finalised so please take care when marking shifts complete. If you make a mistake, for example you forget to put in the km that your transported a client, email the required change to hi@suitsme.app and Suitsme management will make the change for you.
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