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  • About Suitsme workers

    Can I bring my own worker?

    Yes. Suitsme is driven by our values which include Human Connection and Real Client Centricity. If you already have a relationship with a worker and want to keep working with them, then we encourage you to bring their worker to Suitsme.


    If you want to bring your own worker, please contact us to let us know. We will prioritise your worker’s registration so they can be available for you to book as soon as possible.

    The worker will need to meet all of Suitsme’s usual criteria to be registered on the app. We explain the process for workers to sign up here.


    Are workers qualified?

    Yes. All our workers have a minimum qualification of a Cert III in community services or a similar field. We have a diverse range of workers with a diverse range of qualifications. Many workers include their qualifications in the "About me" section of their profile.


    Have a look on the client page, guiding your workers for more information.

  • Getting started

    Who can see my profile?

    Your profile will only be visible to workers who you have requested a booking with. Workers can only see your profile for a limited period if you stop requesting bookings with them.

    If a worker can see your profile, then they can see everything on it including admin notes and your goals. They need this information so they can support you.


    Where does my profile information come from?

    You give it to us. When you register, we put together a very basic profile with your:

    • First name
    • Surname
    • Approximate age
    • Photo (if you add one)
    • Important to know
    • Key contacts

    What do I put in Important to know?

    Anything that you think is important for your worker to know, to be able to support you the way you want to be supported (have a look at Guiding your workers for more information). Some examples are:

    • Whether you have pets

    • Your diagnosis

    • Any known triggers

    • What involvement you want your key contacts to have

    Can I add more information on my profile?

    Yes. Once you have set up an account, you can add more details to your profile in the “My Account” tab. Here you can add:

    • Things you are into or would like to try

    • Languages you speak and;

    • About you. This is a free text box that you can put any extra information that you like into

    Is there another way to give staff information?

    Yes, once a worker has accepted your booking request you will be able to message them via the app. You can give them extra information this way too.


    What is good to communicate to staff once they accept my booking?

    Anything they need to know/bring for an activity that day. For example, if you want to play tennis with them, they need to know to bring sportswear.

    Specific instructions for the shift such as:

    • Where to park (or where not to park)

    • Which door to use

    • To message you when they arrive

    • Meet somewhere other than your house.

    What is the information is wrong or out of date?

    If you think we’ve added information that is wrong or no longer relevant, please contact Suitsme management to discuss this. Suitsme will follow the Appeals process when responding to your request

  • Service Questions

    When can I have supports?

    Suitsme operates from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, 7 days a week.

    If you have core support funding, you can book a worker any time during Suitsme’s operating hours.

    If you have capacity building funding, you can book a worker on weekdays.


    How long can a shift be?

    A shift has to be at least 2 hours and can’t be more than 10 hours.

    You can have more than 10 hours support in one day, but the time would need to be split between two workers


    What service should I book?

    The services that appear in your list are the services that are funded in your NDIS plan and you have allocated to Suitsme.

    • Often you will only have one service in your list.
    • If you have more than one, choose the service that most closely matches what you want to do that day. 
    • If none of the services seem to match, or you don’t know what you want to do that day, then you can choose whatever service you like.

    What if I want my worker to stay longer?

    If they are available, then your worker can stay longer. Workers can update the session start and end times when they complete the session. You will get a summary of what they entered so you can check that they have done this correctly.


    Do I have to pay the worker’s expenses?

    It’s quite likely that workers will incur expenses while supporting you, for example entry costs . The worker wouldn’t be paying for this if they weren't supporting you, so we think it is fair that you cover this cost for them.


    You may be eligible for companion card which will cover some of these costs so neither you nor the worker have to pay. You can find out more about the companion card here.

    If you want help to apply for a companion card, why not add it to your goals and your worker can help you with it.


    The other expense that comes up a lot is food and drinks. There’re no hard and fast rules around this, it’s something you and the worker can negotiate. Let’s look at a few scenarios:

    1. You are getting a coffee at the coffee shop; your worker buys their own coffee to enjoy with you
    2. You are getting lunch at a food court; your worker sits with you and has a sandwich they brought from home
    3. You are getting a coffee at the coffee shop; you buy your worker a coffee so you can enjoy a coffee together

    Any of these scenarios are fine, as long as you are comfortable with what’s happening. If you are not comfortable with it, either talk to your worker about it, or contact us so we can assist.


    Do staff do write notes about me?


    Suitsme workers don’t write “case notes”. There are two different types of information that workers record.

    1. Incidents and concerns – If an incident occurs or the worker is concerned about you, the worker will record this in the app. Suitsme management will follow this up and may update your profile if required.
    2. Completed Session – This is mostly an administrative process where workers enter how long a shift went for and any travel and transport details. You get sent a summary of this once completed and if it seems wrong you can contact Suitsme to get it fixed.

    Can I have staff do things for me, without me there?

    We love having you as a client but together, we are working towards your independence so that you don’t need Suitsme anymore. If staff do things for you it can make you more dependent on staff and you move backwards in your recovery journey.


    Staff can do little things for you but generally they do things with you. So, for example staff could post a letter for you if you are not well, but staff couldn’t do your gardening for you while you go see a movie.


    We call this an indirect support and in some situations (for example, during a COVID-19 lockdown) workers can do more indirect support if it is helpful to you. Suitsme charges your funding for indirect supports.

  • Funding Questions

    How much will my services cost?

    It depends on two things:

    1. When you receive your services. We have different rates depending on what day of the week and what time it is delivered.
    2. What service you receive. Different services have different rates.
    All our prices are as per the NDIA Support Catalogue. Our weekday rate for core support is $58.80 per hour and you can see all our rates here.

    How do I change the way my funding is allocated?

    To change the way your funding is allocated go to “My Account” then “Review your support plan” and following the prompts from there.


    Alternatively, contact Suitsme and we can sort it out together. Be aware that if you change your funding allocation you will not be able to make bookings until Suitsme management have verified the change. We’ll try to do this as quickly as possible.


    I just got a new NDIS plan, what do I do?

    You need to let us know you have a new plan as soon as possible.


    You can input the details of your new plan by going to “My Account” then “Review your support plan” and following the prompts from there.


    Alternatively, contact Suitsme and we can sort it out together. Be aware that if your new plan details will need to be verified by Suitsme management before you can make new bookings. We’ll try to get this done as quickly as possible.


    My NDIS plan was due to review but I haven't had my meeting yet. What do I do?

    Contact Suitsme management and let us know what is happening.


    NDIA will automatically extend your plan to make sure you can continue to access support. You just need to let Suitsme management know so that we can update the app. If you don't let us know, then the app won't let you book sessions beyond your plan review date.


    What’s the difference between travel and transport?

    • Travel means a worker driving to or from you.
    • Transport means a worker taking you with them in their car.

    Does Suitsme charge me for staff travel?

    It depends.

    • If staff are travelling to or from their home, then we do not charge you. 
    • If staff are travelling directly to you from another client, then we need to pay their time and reimburse them for their kilometers. Suitsme will charge you for their time and kms travelling to you.
    • You are not charged for staff travelling from you to another client 

    Does Suitsme charge me if staff transport me? 

    Yes. Staff can only provide you with transport if you have contracted to pay transport costs when you set up your services in the app. Please contact Suitsme if you want to check if you have done this.


    Check out travel and transport and our price list for more information


    Why has Suitsme sent me an invoice?

    NDIS has three different ways that you can manage funding:

    1. Self Managed 
    2. Plan Managed 
    3. NDIA Managed 

    You can find out more about these options here.


    Different budgets in your plan can be managed in different ways. The most common example of this is where funding for support is NDIA managed and funding for transport is self managed.


    When you signed up, you told us how your funding is managed and, depending on what you told us we claim payments differently:

    1. Self Managed - we send you an invoice which you need to pay
    2. Plan Managed – we send an invoice to your plan manager and they pay on your behalf
    3. NDIA Managed - we claim your funding directly from the NDIA through their online portal

    If you have any questions about your invoice, please contact us

  • App troubleshooting

    If you have technical issues of any kind, you can contact Suitsme and we can help. If we can't fix the issue then and there, we can making bookings or contact workers on your behalf.


    The information below is here for you to refer to, but we are always happy to assist.


    What happens if I can't access the internet?

    You will still be able to access information that is already in the app, for instance you will be able to see your upcoming sessions and Suitsme management's number in the help section.


    Without the internet, you can't send or receive information so, for instance, you won't be able to request new sessions, cancel sessions or send/receive messages. Hence it is important that you try to get access to the internet as soon as you can. You can access free WiFi at most libraries, McDonalds and many cafes.


    Workers will still attend any sessions you have already booked and if you need to make new bookings then contact Suitsme and we can do this on your behalf.


    If you have worker's phone numbers it's worth you letting them know what is going on.


    What do I do if something in the app isn't working?

    Here are a few things to try that will fix most issues:

    1. Refresh the app by putting your finger in the middle of the screen and dragging down
    2. Force close and then reopen the app. Here's a guide of how to do this on iOS and Android. You can also achieve this by turning your phone off and on again.
    3. Delete the Suitsme app form your phone, then reinstall it

    If these steps don't work, call Suitsme management and we'll help you. When you call, it's helpful if you:

    1. Record your screen to show us what is happening when your app stops working
    2. Can tell us exactly what you were doing in the app prior to the issue

    I'm getting emails letting me know about bookings, but I'm not getting notifications...

    There's two reasons this may happen.

    1. You will not receive notifications while you have the app open. To see changes to your sessions while you have the app open, you need to refresh the app. To refresh the app: go to the sessions tab, hold your finger on the screen and drag down towards the bottom of the screen. You will see a loading icon and once that disappears, you know you are looking at the most up to date information.
    2. You have notifications turned off. Follow these instructions to turn notifications on.
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